Diane Roblin-(Lee) Rutledge

Author: Predator-Proof Your Family Series and other books. Former High School guidance teacher, owner of byDesign Media. Former host of “Nite Light,” “Raiders of the Lost” and “Total Fitness – Body, Mind and Spirit”.

Why live?

What’s the point?If one were to look at a mix master, having no idea of its purpose or function, it could appear to be a ridiculous, useless hunk of apparatus simply taking up

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It’s all about Clarity

Clarity is not about hyper-focussing on the issue at hand; it’s about stepping back and getting a sense of the big, overall picture.What are some of the wonderful possibilities or dreams that could

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Do You Really Want to Die?

When someone says, “I want to die,” I look back on my own experience in times when life has seemed too hard to go on.Deeper thought led me to realize it wasn’t really

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