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You’re probably wondering,

“How did we ever get here?”

If someone in your family is expressing thoughts of suicide, it’s likely more about finding a way out of pain than really wanting to end his or her life.

The challenges kids are facing these days are unprecedented. Ending the pain is a goal you can share with your child, and LifeNet is here to help you journey towards this shared goal.

When ending the pain is the goal, it’s possible to move towards alternative ways to find genuine peace, relief, and control – even if there are moments when your son or daughter sees suicide as the only way out.

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Healthy Family Entertainment

Pure Flix Movies

Positive entertainment that changes lives and inspires hearts. Stream thousands of faith-filled movies and shows on your TV and favorite devices.

Understanding Your Home

In this world where everything is changing and many feel they’ve lost their mooring, there are some things that never change. In the case of the home, the purpose has remained constant. It’s a place of refuge, safety and family community. 

While the challenges of the day make it more or less difficult to fulfill the purposes, doing our best to fulfill the purpose has a positive effect on everyone’s mental health.

Money Managment

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LifeLaunch Rite of Passage

Today’s young people are struggling against the tide of cultural revolution, battling waves of confusion and chaos to find their moorings.

Gone are the rites of passage, markers of thresholds in young lives, once observed as memorable family tradi- tions. Left to drift into adulthood at the mercy of the winds of change, many of today’s youth have crashed on the shoals as statistics in the shipwreck of suicide, now the second leading cause of death among Gen Z and Gen Alpha youth.

Sometimes progress means abandoning whatever isn’t working and returning to whatever worked. We owe it to our children to turn this around for them.

In this booklet you’ll find tools for helping to launch your child or youth group participant through a successful transition into adulthood. You’ll discover:

Why an adolescent needs a LifeLaunch

The benefits of a LifeLaunch celebration

A workbook for planning a LifeLaunch party

A guestbook and space for special messages from your guests

If you’d like a paperback edition, please download from Amazon at the following link:

Suicidal Ideation

What to Do if Your Child Has Suicidal Thinking

10 Reasons Teens Avoid Telling Parents about Suicidal Thoughts

The Ongoing Epidemic of Youth Suicide in America – Answering the “Why?” question.

Suicide in Children — What Every Parent Must Know

How to Cope When Your Son or Daughter is Suicidal

When Your Child or a Loved One Has Died by Suicide

If this has happened to you, as bereft as you feel, you are not alone.

When a son or daughter actually takes the final step and ends his or her life, the ripple effect on surrounding family and friends is horrendous. While the whole purpose of LifeNet is to restore hope and prevent suicide, sometimes our job is to extend a hand of hope to parents after the worst that can happen has already happened.

How I Survived the Suicide of My Son: 15 Tips for Grieving Parents

Real Stories of Others Who Have Lost Loved Ones to Suicide

When a Child Has Died by Suicide

Find a Support Group

The Porn Factor

Influence of Porn

Pornography has normalized perversion and violence in many homes. Because children often bear the brunt of its effects on adults, we have reserved an entire section to exposing its harms and encouraging parents and families to consider carefully before including it as an element in their homes.

TEDx Talk—Tips from a Sex Therapist on Talking to Your Kids About Porn

How Porn Affects Individuals

How Porn Affects Relationships

How Porn Affects Society

Barbi’s Story: How Porn Played a Role In My Childhood Sexual Abuse

Dan’s Story: “I Feel Human Again” After Quitting Porn

Andrew & Eva’s Story: How Porn Impacted Our Marriage

Meet the Celebrities Who Have Spoken out Against Porn

Travis & Emily’s Story: How Porn Almost Ruined Our Marriage

Gabe’s Story: How His Struggle Helped to Destigmatize Porn Addiction

Neurosurgeon Dr. Donald Hilton Reveals Shocking Scientific Truths About Porn

TEDx Talk – The Great Porn Experiment

Plan to Protect

Be Proactive. Make sure

Protection and prevention are monumentally preferable to long roads to restoration. Because some kind of abuse is often at the root of a child’s mental health issues, making sure your child is protected while under someone else’s care is critical.

For 25 years, Plan to Protect has provided the highest standard of abuse prevention and protection for organizations serving the vulnerable sector. What about your school, your church, your sports club? Do they have Plan to Protect protocols in place? Be proactive. Make sure.

Resources to Assist in Understanding How to Protecting Your Child:

Predator Proof Your Family Series

These books are available on Amazon 

Understanding Faith

According to Pew Research, Gen Z is the least “religious” generation, with about one-third denying faith in God. They are also the highest percentage-wise in suicide rates. What is the correlation? 

It can be convincingly argued that without substantiated faith in something beyond one’s self, there is no reason to live, because of the realistic awareness of one’s own weaknesses. Hence the importance of finding faith in something beyond one’s self. But what is that? Is God real? Who is He? 

Click on the Alpha Series for reasoned discussion.  “The Chosen” Series of films on the life of Jesus has emerged as one of the most transformational tools of our time for a realistic look into the foundations of meaningful Christian faith.

Because of its fabulous production quality coupled with  excellent characterizations and realistic settings, it provides positive family entertainment at its finest.

The Chosen Series

Welcome to the first-ever multi-season series about the life of Jesus. The free show tens of millions of people won’t stop talking about. Watch all episodes from Angel Studios Free, online, with their app. It’s amazing.

The Alpha Film Series for Adults

Episode 1 – LIFE: Is There More to Life Than This?

Episode 2 – JESUS: Who is Jesus? 

Episode 3 – Cross: Why Did Jesus Die?

Episode 4 – Faith: How Can I Have Faith?

Episode 5 – Prayer: Why and How Do I Pray?

Episode 6–   How and Why Should I Read the Bible?

Episode 7 – Spirit: Who Is The Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?

Episode 8 – How Does God Guide Us?

Episode 9 – How Can I Resist Evil

Episode 10 – Does God Heal Today? 

Episode 11 – What About the Church?

Episode 12 – How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?


Marriage Videos

“A Better Us” TV

“A Better Us”

Marriage Coaching

LifeNet Ministries Inc. has partnered with Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries which offers personal marriage coaching with Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coaches. 

With over 40 years of marriage, they bring to marriage coaching a wealth of experience and knowledge coupled with a sense of humour, transparency and a genuine desire to see couples’ relationships strengthened and repaired. David and Wende are also certified facilitators for SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) and the “Prepare-Enrich” program. Whether it’s helping young couples prepare for a successful marriage or coaching couples in distress, personal marriage coaching is well worth the investment. Appointments are available online over Zoom.

To inquire about an appointment, please call (Canada) 905-592-1605 or complete and submit the form

For helpful marriage teachings by David & Wende, visit the Cues from the Coaches page

Understanding Parenting Today

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Understanding Your Gen Z Son or Daughter

Recent cultural changes between the generations have  been dramatic. 

While some of the content in these articles may be gleaned from U.S. sources, the situation is mirrored throughout North America and most Western nations.

If you sometimes feel that you’re living on a different planet from your child, you’re not alone.

Understanding Generation Z Culture

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Millennials and Gen Z are more anxious than previous generations: Here’s Why


What schools need to understand about Gen Z parents