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What can you do to help restore hope to a young person?

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Become a LifeNet Ambassador

Our Ambassador Team is the Life Blood of LifeNet

The Ambassador Team Launch, September, 2023

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We are looking for committed individuals who share our desire to reach this generation with hope. If you would like to apply to become a LifeNet Ambassador in your area, please complete the fillable application and submit it to us for review at

The mandate of LifeNet Ministries Inc. is to share hope with this generation of young people. Their challenges today are unprecedented. With suicide being the second leading cause of death in this age group, something must be done.

One arm of our strategy for effective outreach, is our highly valued team of LMI Ambassadors who help promote the work of LifeNet by acting as liaisons between the community and LMI leadership. They serve as a network of agents of hope, spread out throughout the land sharing information on our work of caring for youth.

Many in the general public are unaware of the crisis faced by this generation. They need clarity on the challenges faced and the effects of this culture on the mental health of our kids. Our LifeNet resources provide answers but we need our Ambassadors to give voice to our response. Once awakened to the need, people will find they can shine the light of hope wherever they are and encourage young lives.

The function of LNM Ambassadors is individual, depending on giftings, but can include:

In keeping with the policies and procedures for LifeNet volunteers, opportunities to be alone with a vulnerable person or meeting one on one with minors when representing LifeNet Ministries is to be avoided. Our function is to link individuals with information and resources; not to give counsel or provide individual mentoring. That will be done through our call centre.

As an Ambassador, you will be equipped with business cards including your contact info to assist in your efforts with individuals, foundations and groups. Each Ambassador Toolbox will include:

Prior to being approved as an Ambassador, you will be required to complete a vetting document for insurance purposes.

All questions and communication can be directed eventually to the Executive LMI Ambassador Team Director,

Organize a LifeNet Sharing Hope Concert

Invite your friends, neighbours & family – & produce a Lifenet Sharing Hope Concert

LifeNet Sharing Hope Concerts are a charitable, fundraising initiative dedicated to giving young people opportunities to display their skills and talents and, at the same time, support LifeNet Ministries Inc. in its efforts to help at-risk youth.

A special note to all music and arts instructors: Please consider turning your recitals, demonstrations and shows into LifeNet Sharing Hope events, giving your students the opportunity to help others through the talents you’ve helped them refine.

Millions of North American parents spend thousands of dollars each year on music, dance and other talent lessons for their kids. Week after week, the kids are driven to teachers and spend hours practicing flutes, horns or keyboards; or developing grace at a ballet barre or some other form of physical activity. Some sing, take acting lessons or learn the art of public speaking


For what?

For most, all those hours devoted to skill-training evaporate into memories of unused talents. Many never have the opportunity to perform or let their talents bear fruit. All those lesson dollars evaporate with the memories.

Meanwhile, a pandemic of despondency, hopelessness, fear and depression among young people around the world has led to suicide as the second most common cause of death for kids between the ages of 8-17.

We need to think outside the box to find creative ways to reach out and raise resources to meet great needs.

The purpose of LifeNet Sharing Hope Concerts is to give talented or trained kids – or motivated adults – the opportunity to show what they can do and, at the same time, use their gifts to raise funds to help others who are struggling with social, spiritual and mental health issues.



What is prayer?

Prayer is a supernatural method of communication between us and our Creator. Prayer is not meditation or passive reflection; it is direct conversation with God. 

While all kinds of people have all kinds of thoughts on all kinds of things, it always helps to go to the source or to the manufacturer’s handbook for correct understanding.

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and He responded with what we have come to know  as “The Lord’s Prayer.” Prayer is really very simple – it’s conversation with a loving heavenly Father who invites us to share our thoughts and concerns with Him. 

The most powerful thing we can do for young people today is pray for them – that difficult circumstances will be straightened out, that their homes will be filled with peace, that their anxiety will dissolve, that they will have  understanding of the days we are in, that physical difficulties will be healed and that hope will be restored in their hearts. The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and He responded with what we have come to know  as “The Lord’s Prayer.” Prayer is really very simple – it’s conversation with a loving heavenly Father who invites us to share our thoughts and concerns with Him.

Where Will My Money Go?

If I give to LifeNet Ministries Inc.,® Where Will the Money Go? 

As a registered charitable institution, LifeNet Ministries Inc.® is subject to all the normal administrative costs associated with any organization, but your support will go far beyond office expenses.

You can either give to the general fund (which will be used for website management, mentorship training, publications and production costs), …or you can specify something close to your heart like:

·  sponsoring a teen for a week at Circle Square Ranch

·  contributing toward professional counselling services

·  giving a memorial gift in honour of a loved one who has passed.

Because we are dependant on funding from those who share our vision for restoring hope to young people in a time of unprecedented world challenges, we are very grateful for your assistance.

In whatever way you choose to support this generation, your gifts are entirely tax receiptable.

At our year-end, upon request, we will be pleased to publish a financial summary, detailing our income and expenses.

Sponsor a Teen for a Life-Transforming Week at a Circle Square Ranch

Overnight Camps, Ultimate Day Camps, and Junior Day Camps

Donate here towards Supporting a Gen Xer for a week at a Circle Square or Teen Ranch

Circle Square Ranch, Grand River (Brantford, Ontario)

Circle Square Ranch, Big Clear Lake (Arden Ontario)

Teen Ranch (Caledon Hills, Orangeville, Ontario)

LifeNet for Hope®

To order your books and/or CDs, please make a selection below:

The profits from our resources all go to further the work of LifeNet Ministries Inc.® and are available for suggested donations. If you wish to give more than the suggested amount, we shall be truly grateful.


Why All the Fuss?

#1 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation 
$20.00 (Inc. S &H)


Who is the Predator? 

#2 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation


Predator-Proofing Our Children 

#3 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation 
$20.00 (Inc. S &H)


Predators in Pews & Pulpits 

#4 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation 


The Porn Factor 

#5 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation


It’s All About the Brain 

#6 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation 


When the Worst That Can Happen Has Already Happened 

#7 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation 


Smart Justice 

#8 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation


The Husband I Never Knew 

#9 Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Suggested donation 


Legacy CD – The personal Legacy workbook on CD

Suggested donation 


Funeral and Estate Planning Guide with an Advance Care Plan

Suggested donation


To My Family… My Life Legacy

Suggested donation 


My Father’s Child 
Diane Roblin-Lee

Suggested donation 


The Family Blessing Initiative – 52 Days of Prayer for the Rebuilding of Your Family Walls.

Suggested donation


The Wisdom of Grace
My Father’s Child

Suggested donation 


The Way They Should Go

Diane Roblin-Lee

Suggested donation 


Glen Rutledge CD 

Glen Rutledge Sings Your Most Requested Hymns

Suggested donation
$30.00 (Inc. S &H)


Series of 9 Booklets 

Predator-Proof Your Family Series

Diane Roblin-Lee
Suggested donation 
$100 for entire serie

Honour a Loved One Who Has Passed With a Gift to Share Hope

There are many ways you can become part of the LifeNet solution.

Through our “Donate” button, you can give a tax-deductible gift in honour of a loved one who has passed -or you can choose a “One-time” or a “Monthly” giving plan. 

People who engage with LifeNet need someone they can trust to help guide them through their struggles. Your support will help it happen.