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Young Lives Matter


Don’t let anyone tell you that adolescent and teen years are the best. They have always been challenging years of struggle for identity, acceptance, skill development, relationship building and tough decisions about the way forward. 

Come-join hands & hearts with us.

✦ It’s up to all of us to help the kids of this generation find a way through the chaos to hope and a solid future where fear does not exist.

That’s what LifeNet is all about.

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Upcoming Events

LifeNet Sharing Hope “Move-with-Glen”

Show Today’s Teens We Care! 

Walk with Glen and help him to get to the finish line at the Pauline Johnson High School track in Brantford – or bike, run, scoot, roller-board or swim wherever you are – or inspire your car club or motorcycle club to help Glen raise funds for LifeNet!

Glen is 87-years-old, but his passion for reaching kids with hope for their lives has never dwindled. He says, “Teen suicide is epidemic. It must be stopped. We’ve got to help restore the hope that’s been lost.”

On July 13, 2024, Glen will pull on a LifeNet orange t-shirt and start walking to show today’s teens of every nationality that they matter. 

So register for the July 13 event and get a free LifeNet orange T-shirt with your $25. registration fee – or mount an orange flag on your car or motorcycle
– and “Move-with-Glen” for this generation.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – start from there and go as far as you can. Send your photos showing your participation and we’ll share them online!

Register through the Registration button here – or Fundraise through the “Donate” button right here.

We’re Here Because


We Care

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Of teenagers consider suicide.

(Americal Psychological Association report 2021)

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of teens report persistent feelings of hopelessness.

(CDC Report 2023)


of people died by suicide in each of Canada and the US in 2023.

(CDC Report in 2023)